Burger Modding Exercise

As part of our work, we ordered McDelivery and modded burgers at the exhibition opening. They were made in the gallery’s kitchen and served to our guests. Some of them even participated in the cooking. We have some pictures!

Arrival of McDelivery man.

Jeremy (the gallery director) bringing up the hype.

The ingredients (Taiwanese sausages, all kinds of sauces, eggs…)


Freshly picked herbs.

Mayo is a must!

Kai munching away our very first modded burger.

Plenty of smiles.

Dawu, The Hygiene Inspector.

Tucking in!

John (one half of electronic pop duo, The Karl Maka) getting into the action.

He’s also our camera man for the evening. 


Works: Animation – Joo Choon Lin

This is a stop-motion animated commercial for Choon Lin’s More Than Meets The Eye Transformer Toys.

Works: Joo Choon Lin (Ultimo Instructional Guides)


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Download & Build Super Fizzy Drink Transformer!

Works: Joo Choon Lin

More Than Meets The Eye (Extra Value Meal Transformer Toys)

Each ~ 20 x 15 x 10 cm, Aluminium, 2008


Joo Choon Lin

I am interested in DIY ethics where people are involved in a process of putting things or objects together for their own use. A lot of my work comes from an interest in how things are made, how things are done and the way materials are manipulated and used.

Works: Chun Kai Feng

The Bedroom Is Over There!

28 x 40 x 25 cm, Mixed Media, 2008  



Animation: The Experiment (Kaiqun & Kaifeng)

This is our first stop-motion animation. Double yummy!

The Experiment

2:22 min, Stop-motion Animation, 2008 

Works: Chun Kai Qun


Bucket Head

50 x 35 cm, Screenprint, 2008, Edition of 4

Pan Frying A Big Fat Meat Patty In A Little House

50 x 35 cm, Screenprint, 2008, Edition of 1

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