Got It At The Supermarket

Almost half a year back, my mum and aunt hatched a business plan to open a canteen store in an industrial estate. In such a place, you will only get traffic during morning and lunch hours, it’s almost zero at other times. Since they were new in the business, they settled only for a lunch menu.

We thought it was a pity to miss the morning peak, and decided to help come up with a breakfast menu for them. With limited culinary skills, we went to the supermarket to source for ingredients. Well, we only know about instant and canned food, so that’s the section we hung around. We were thinking of ways to mix and match them. Then, it struck us that we can make an artwork out of this, because we were trying to create our own line of products with these ready made brands. Is there a way we can hack a well-known product and pass it off as our own? This somehow became our starting point, that we can take on an initiative and be more than a passive consumer. 

My mum’s business didn’t go too well, guess they were not suited to the rigours of being a hawker. At least we got something out of this experience.


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